Frequently asked questions

Is Premature Ejaculations Treatable?

Yes! Ejaculation could be a treatable condition, depends on condition and Doctor Samrat (Ayurvedic Sexologist) said that the man who is suffering from Premature Ejaculation may get pleasure from a decent Sex Life once the treatment.

Is masturbation bad?

If it's done to satisfy one’s feelings, then there's nothing wrong with it. However, if one engages in it merely to satisfy the urge of masturbation, then it may lead to a harmful addiction.

What is male Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

It is an awfully common sexual disorder occurring in men. This condition usually hampers a man's ego and ruins otherwise happy relationships. A person full of this condition faces an issue in either obtaining or keeping an erection. It's known to affect nearly 50% of the male population falling inside the age vary of 40-70 years.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is once a person ejaculates at the first stages of sexual stimulation or instantly after penetration happens.

Why should Erectile Dysfunction (ED) be treated?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is understood to have a significant impact on a male's life because it affects his self-esteem & confidence. If left untreated for long, this condition could ruin one’s personal, social, and calling. Fortunately, The ED could be a curable condition.

Is there any ideal penis size?

The vagina's length is around as much as 7 Inches". The outer 2 Inches" is understood to be the Foremost Sensitive, whereas the Inner 5 Inches" is insensitive. To excite a girl, one only needs to stimulate the extarnal 2 Inches" of the channel. Thus, to confirm the sexual satisfaction of a girl, The size of an erect penis ought to be bigger than at least 2 Inches".

How can you find a No.1 or Best Sexologist Doctor?

Most of the times patient does not know whom to consult about his problems and these are the reasons for Sexual Health & Drug-Addiction diseases to become a taboo in India. So If you want to find a No.1, Top Ranked, Best & Trusted Sexologist in your City then Firstly, Check his Online Visiblity in your city, Like If you are from Muzaffarnagar City and searching for No.1 Sexologist Doctor in Muzaffarnagar then Firstly Check his visiblity on Google (Just type No.1 Sexologist Doctor in Muzaffarnagar), Facebook (Just type Best Sexologist Doctor in Muzaffarnagar), Instagram (Just type Top Sexologist Doctor in Muzaffarnagar),or YouTube (Just type Best Sexologist Doctor in Muzaffarnagar, India.), or realted keywords you can use. If you find Best Sexologist Doctor as a Doctor Samrat then Most important this is that take a look on Patient Reviews and Comments, and get fully satisfied and took the proper treatment.